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Balu's birthday - Nilakantan

Nov. 2nd, 2013

10:22 am - Balu's birthday

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I am amused now of course. Time's made it possible for me to be reflect on her FB post and wonder at her state of mind. What was she worried off? Which particular tale would have triggered that flight of alarm. Perhaps in all that, somewhere she's scared of losing me. At least that's what I believe now, but I will never know because she won't tell me if I asked her. What i would give for her to be like Val and confide me, like the one day she did. She lied about the letters. I smiled when she told me what she had to tell me. Is it important? I don't know. And if she lied before does it really matter. I remember only that she found justification at his own actions. I wish someone somewhere loved me like that. Perhaps Latha did. I know that his actions were pre-empted from memories and actions long before. I am not disturbed by that. Not like the vision of Val waiting for the guy from Abu Dhabi, Etisalat. Not as disturbed by her line of mallu...been there done that. She touched my soul somewhere. I should have told S about how beautiful she was on that Saturday she came to see me. Of how I noticed that she had not put her scarf on. I should tell her when we have enough time.

Balu should have woken up now...Anju must have called him. Wonder what Ruku gifted him?