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the aftermath - Nilakantan

Oct. 20th, 2013

09:31 am - the aftermath

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It gets me every time. This anxiety that I feel, my thoughts that just won’t stop. What’s the use of technology if it doesn’t help to ease this anxiety. Maybe she wants it this way. If only I could march over to wherever she is and clear the air. But it isn’t that easy and I don’t want Balu to gloat. He isn’t right, love’s never that simple. Sure his fiance’s beautiful but this is only the beginning. I remember what I told my father 5 years ago. What must he have thought. If they all hadn’t happened, would it have made a difference to our lives. I think it would have. She hurt me like they all do.

So here’s the thing, I won’t send anymore whatsapp messages. I won’t text her. When she wants to talk to me, she will. If she want to that is. It’s true what they say…if you love someone set them free, if they loved you they would come back…if not they were never yours to begin with.

If only she realized that I have done this scene to it’s natural conclusion a lot of times and I know the outcome. Let me not lose my resolve. Let me not buckle under pressure.